Life Lesson #7 – You’re Not Getting any Younger!

Here is a lesson I learned the hard way recently… when you think you are in great shape and you can do anything stop and remember this: you’re not getting any younger!

With the change of the seasons and the cold setting in I thought I was in pretty good shape for my age (51) so when I had to start filling the wood furnace everyday I thought no more of it.

Well, it didn’t take too long for this body of mine to notice I was doing something I had not done for quite awhile. I ended up with sore shoulders to the point of having to go to physiotherapy! Still at the point of healing and learning how to put the wood in the furnace without pulling muscles and hurting parts I don’t think I knew I had before but it is coming along ok. So, what did I learn from this experience? I learned that if you are about to start doing things you haven’t done in quite awhile to take the time and get in shape first! A little bit of time stretching and doing a little strength training every day would have saved me so much pain and made life so much easier!

Remember folks as much as it hurts to hear… you’re not getting any younger lol 

love ya, Jojo


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