Thought for the Day

It seems this is the time of year everyone is thinking about fitness whether it be for your body, your mind or your home (getting rid of the clutter). My thought today is lets go with the flow, why not! Let’s clean out that closet, pull out the old files and store them, throw out all the junk in the fridge and the cupboards and start over! Don’t look back at all the messes you made of things last year we are on a new year, it is a new day, a fresh start is what we want. 

The quickest way I have found to feel like I am getting somewhere with this new day theme is to make my bed as soon as I get up! I know it is a small thing but what a sense of accomplishment one can get from doing that one little chore. When we achieve one small thing it will motivate you to try another and before you know it the dishes and the laundry might even get done or you might just get that closet cleaned!

Well good luck I made my bed this morning now I have to get at those dishes and clean out the file drawer!


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