Life Lesson #4

One thing I learned as a teenager who was always on the go was this; never argue with the driver when they are trying to concentrate on driving!

My mom was a pretty good driver however, I remember this one time when we got in the car for her to drive me to my figure skating lesson. For some reason while she started the car and was working on maneuvering out of the driveway we got into an argument. I can’t even remember what we were arguing about (I am sure it was not anything important). Anyway as the argument went on and she was trying to get out of the driveway she accidentally put the car in reverse instead of drive and backed into a tree! Thank God we were not travelling at any speed so we were not hurt but the car suffered a nasty dent. All we could do was laugh and once we calmed down we were off to my lesson. This was when I learned to not distract the driver with silly arguments!



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