Take the Time

Christmas is almost here, oh how the time is just ticking away! Do you feel like you are running around on hyper speed trying to get all the shopping and preparations done in time.
Feeling a bit stressed? Try taking the time to re-focus, take a recharging break:
sit and enjoy a nice hot cup of gourmet coffee, herb tea or spiced hot chocolate
go for a walk taking the time to really look around and appreciate the beauty of nature
take long hot bubble bath
read a chapter in that book you have been wanting to start
sit and listen to your favourite cd
draw, paint or colour a Christmas picture
play with a child and give lots of hugs
take a nap
meditate on the meaning of Christmas
or spend quiet time with God
Whatever you do I promise you will feel refreshed, recharged and ready to refocus on the important things you want to accomplish this holiday season with a lot less stress! They say that you have to ‘spend money to make money’ well you also have to take care of yourself first so you are able to take care of everything else (and everyone else) that is important to you!
Hugs to you and Happy Holidays!


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